Stevens Point, WI

Best Flood and Drought Tolerant Plants for Landscapes

Key Points:

– With weather patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable, it is important to choose plants that can withstand both floods and droughts.
– Flood tolerant plants are those that can survive in areas with excessive water and poor drainage.
– Drought tolerant plants are those that can thrive in dry conditions and require minimal watering.
– Some examples of flood tolerant plants include water iris, spider lily, and sweet flag.
– Drought tolerant plants include lavender, yarrow, and succulents like sedum and agave.
– It is crucial to consider the specific conditions of your landscape, such as soil type and sunlight exposure, when selecting plants.

In Conclusion:

In the face of unpredictable weather patterns, it is essential for local businesses to choose flood and drought tolerant plants for their landscapes. By opting for flood tolerant plants like water iris and spider lily, or drought tolerant plants such as lavender and yarrow, businesses can ensure the survival and beauty of their outdoor spaces. Remember to consider the specific needs of your landscape when selecting plants to ensure their success.