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Manage Tree Stress Damage by Cable Bracing Trees in Stevens Point

Look around your yard – is every tree growing perfectly straight up and down with a single trunk? 

Oftentimes, trees have multiple trunks that are connected at the base and co-dominant stems, as well as poor branch unions. While these structural features do not pose a threat to the tree’s health, they can be a cause for concern. 

To address these issues, it is important to seek the help of tree care professionals who can assess the tree’s structure and implement measures such as tree cabling and bracing or pruning to ensure the tree’s stability and longevity.

At Stevens Point Tree Doctors, we offer tree cable bracing services to help support your trees and keep them healthy. Our team of experienced arborists will assess your tree and create a robust support structure using techniques such as metal bracing rods and cables, as well as pruning. This will help to reinforce the tree against harsh weather conditions and prevent structural failure. 

If you’re concerned about the health of your trees, don’t hesitate to contact us today for professional assistance.

When is Tree Cable & Tree Bracing Necessary?

1. Lightning or Storm Damaged Trees

Got a branch or crotch split in parts due to severe weather? Or spotting cracks, burns, and scars after a lightning strike? Brace rods and cables can hold the damaged sections of the tree together, saving a devastated tree.

2. Splitting Tree Limbs

When the tree is on the verge of overextending itself, you’ll find its tree limbs and branches splitting. Whether it’s a young tree or a mature one, tree cabling and tree bracing can prevent stem failure and future breakage risk.

3. Leaning Trees

Trees bent over their life naturally. But you need to act if the lean is exposing its root system. Put your mind at ease with tree-bracing techniques if you fear the severe tree lean will affect your home structure or pose a safety threat.

4. Weak Sections

If you notice a large hollow in a trunk or cracks at the junctions of two branches or stems, it’s a sign to contact tree cable experts in Stevens Point. Such issues can weaken a tree’s ability to withstand heavy winds or bad weather.

5. Assisted Tree Growth

Sometimes, budding and small trees need external support so they grow in the right direction. Whether you want a limb to grow away from vital structures or need to prop up a leaning trunk, our tree bracing and tree cabling experts can provide you with the right solution.

Talk to a Stevens Point Tree Specialist Today!

A weak, diseased, or uneven tree structure is a dangerous health and safety hazard. Keep your yard and property risk-free with a tree service in Stevens Point, WI.

Whether you want to skip the tree removal or strengthen the tree structure, our residential tree doctors as well as commercial tree doctors are always around to help you promptly. 

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