Stevens Point, WI

How to Save a Baby Squirrel Using Audio

Key Points:

– Rescuing orphaned or injured wild animals can be challenging.
– Saving a baby squirrel involves using audio cues to guide them back to their nest.
– The first step is to make sure that the baby squirrel is indeed orphaned or injured.
– It is crucial to avoid unnecessary human intervention or handling the baby squirrel too much.
– Creating audio recordings of squirrel distress calls is an effective method to lure the baby squirrel back to its nest.
– The audio should be played near the location where the squirrel was found, preferably after sunset when the squirrel is most active.
– Patience is key when waiting for the baby squirrel to respond to the distress calls.
– Once the baby squirrel makes its way back to the nest, it is important to monitor from a distance and allow the mother squirrel to care for it.
– If the mother does not return within 24 hours, it may be necessary to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for further assistance.

In Conclusion:

Rescuing and saving a baby squirrel can be a delicate process. By using audio cues such as distress calls, it is possible to guide the squirrel back to its nest and reunite it with its mother. Patience and minimal human intervention are essential during this process. If the mother does not return within 24 hours, seeking help from a wildlife rehabilitator is recommended.