Stevens Point, WI

Milwaukee Tool Introduces New Safety Helmet, Cooling Gear, and Workwear Products

Milwaukee Tool, a leading manufacturer of power tools and accessories, is set to launch several new products in early 2024. Among the new offerings are the BOLT™ RHEON™ safety helmet, BOLT cooling gear, and two workwear products developed based on customer feedback.

The BOLT™ RHEON™ Safety Helmet

One of the highlights of Milwaukee Tool’s upcoming product lineup is the BOLT™ RHEON™ safety helmet. Designed to provide superior protection and comfort, the helmet features advanced RHEON™ technology. This innovative technology absorbs impact, reducing the risk of head injuries in the workplace. The BOLT™ RHEON™ safety helmet also boasts a sleek and lightweight design, ensuring long-lasting comfort for the wearer.

BOLT Cooling Gear

Another exciting addition to Milwaukee Tool’s product range is the BOLT cooling gear. This line of products aims to keep workers cool and comfortable on the job, especially in hot and humid conditions. The BOLT cooling gear includes a variety of innovative solutions, such as cooling vests, neck coolers, and cooling towels. These products utilize high-quality materials and advanced cooling technologies to help regulate body temperature and enhance productivity in challenging environments.

New Workwear Products

Milwaukee Tool has also listened to its customers and developed two new workwear products based on their input. The first is a rugged and durable work jacket designed to withstand tough conditions while providing ample storage space for tools and accessories. The second is a versatile and functional work pant with reinforced knees and multiple pockets for increased convenience.

In Conclusion

Milwaukee Tool is set to impress its customers with an exciting lineup of new products in early 2024. The introduction of the BOLT™ RHEON™ safety helmet, BOLT cooling gear, and two customer-inspired workwear products demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of professionals in various industries. These products offer superior protection, comfort, and functionality, making them valuable additions to any worker’s arsenal.