Stevens Point, WI

NALP’s 2023 ELEVATE Event Highlights

Education, Networking, and Leadership Skills at NALP’s ELEVATE Event

The 2023 ELEVATE event organized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) experienced an impressive 37% increase in attendance compared to previous years. The event was a platform for education, networking, and enhancing leadership skills in the landscape industry.


One of the key highlights of the ELEVATE event was the focus on education. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in various educational sessions and workshops. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including landscaping techniques, business strategies, and industry trends. The educational content aimed to provide valuable insights and knowledge to help landscape professionals stay updated and succeed in their businesses.


Networking played a crucial role in the success of the ELEVATE event. The increased attendance resulted in a larger networking pool, allowing participants to connect with industry peers, experts, and potential business partners. The networking sessions and social events provided valuable opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build professional relationships.

Leadership Skills

Enhancing leadership skills was another significant aspect of the ELEVATE event. The event featured workshops and presentations focused on leadership development. These sessions aimed to empower landscape professionals with the necessary skills and strategies to lead their teams effectively, make informed decisions, and drive business growth. By improving leadership abilities, attendees could strengthen their businesses and position themselves as industry leaders.

In Conclusion

NALP’s 2023 ELEVATE event witnessed a remarkable increase in attendance, indicating the growing interest and participation in the landscape industry. With a strong emphasis on education, networking, and leadership skills, the event provided landscape professionals with valuable resources and opportunities to elevate their businesses. By staying updated on industry trends, building professional connections, and honing leadership abilities, attendees could position themselves for success in the competitive landscape market.