Stevens Point, WI

PERC Releases Safety Guide for Propane Commercial Mowers

Key Points:

Understanding the Importance of Safety

When it comes to operating propane commercial mowers, safety is critical. The new safety guide released by PERC aims to provide business owners with essential information on the safe use of propane fuel.

Fuel Supply:

The guide outlines best practices for ensuring a steady and reliable supply of propane fuel for commercial mowers. It covers aspects such as tank size, fuel quality, and propane delivery options.

Types of Cylinders:

Different types of cylinders are available for propane mowers, and the safety guide explains the specific features and advantages of each. It provides insights into vertical and horizontal cylinders, as well as the appropriate cylinder size for different mower models.

Storing and Changing Cylinders:

Proper storage and handling of propane cylinders are crucial for maintaining safety. The guide offers guidelines on safely storing and handling cylinders, including information on valve protection, outdoor storage, and the importance of regular inspections.

Training Requirements:

The safety guide emphasizes the importance of proper training for operators of propane commercial mowers. It outlines the necessary training requirements and provides resources for training programs and certification.

In Conclusion:

PERC’s new safety guide for propane commercial mowers is a valuable resource for business owners in the landscaping industry. By following the guidelines provided, they can ensure the safe and efficient use of propane fuel, protecting both their employees and their equipment. Prioritizing safety is essential for maintaining a successful and sustainable business.