Stevens Point, WI

Key Points:

• A plowing contract with a “Readiness Fee” benefits both contractors and clients.
• The Readiness Fee supports business continuity, safety, and operational efficiency.
• Contractors can use the fee to invest in new equipment, provide proper training, and maintain readiness for snow removal services.
• Clients benefit from reliable and efficient snow removal services, reducing downtime and ensuring safety during winter months.
• The Readiness Fee ensures that contractors are prepared for snow removal jobs and can provide prompt and quality service.

In Conclusion:

Including a Readiness Fee in a plowing contract is mutually beneficial for contractors and clients. By allocating funds towards equipment, training, and maintenance, contractors can ensure they are always ready to provide efficient and reliable snow removal services. Clients benefit from the peace of mind, knowing that their properties will be properly cleared of snow and ice, promoting business continuity and maintaining safety.