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Vote for Your Favorite Finalist in the Turf Lawn Striping Contest

The Top 10 Finalists of the Turf Lawn Striping Contest

Vote for Your Favorite Finalist on the Turf Facebook Page

Now it’s time for the public to have their say! Visit the Turf facebook page and cast your vote for your favorite finalist. Show your support for their hard work and dedication by liking and sharing their pictures.

Winner Announcement and Prizes

After the voting period ends, the winner of the Turf Lawn Striping Contest will be announced on the Turf website and social media channels. The winner will receive a grand prize that includes a year’s supply of lawn care products and equipment.

The Importance of Lawn Striping for Local Businesses

As a local business owner, creating an aesthetically pleasing lawn can significantly enhance your brand image and attract more customers. Lawn striping helps your business stand out from the competition and gives your establishment a professional and well-maintained appearance.


Don’t miss the chance to vote for your favorite finalist in the Turf Lawn Striping Contest. Show your support for these talented individuals and help them win the recognition they deserve. Remember, maintaining a visually appealing lawn is crucial for local businesses, so consider implementing lawn striping techniques at your own establishment too.