Stevens Point, WI

Women of the Green Industry Plan Two Meetings

Virtual Meeting with Beth Berry

The virtual meeting, scheduled for June, will focus on topics such as sales, marketing, and leadership, all of which are relevant to women working in the green industry. The keynote speaker is Beth Berry, who has a wealth of experience in the industry as the VP of sales for Advanced Turf Solutions.

In-person Event at Purdue University

The second meeting, scheduled for July, will be an in-person event held at Purdue University. The main focus of the gathering will be networking and learning from each other’s experiences. It will provide an opportunity for attendees to connect with other women in the industry, share their knowledge, and gain new perspectives.


Women of the Green Industry has planned two meetings in June and July. The virtual event will feature Beth Berry as the keynote speaker, while the in-person event will focus on networking and learning from others in the industry. These meetings will provide an excellent opportunity for women working in the green industry to connect with other professionals, learn new things about the industry, and be inspired by each other’s experiences.