Stevens Point, WI

Yanmar CE North America Secures Naming Rights for Community Arena in Grand Rapids, MN

Key Points:

– Yanmar CE North America, a company based in Grand Rapids, MN, has acquired the naming rights for a community arena in its hometown.
– The arena is used for ice hockey and figure skating, and the agreement includes signage and branding opportunities within the facility.
– Yanmar CE North America sees this as a way to support the local community and enhance its presence in the area.
– The company is involved in various community initiatives and believes the investment in the arena aligns with its commitment to serving the community.

In Conclusion:

Yanmar CE North America has partnered with a community arena in Grand Rapids, MN by securing its naming rights. The company is dedicated to supporting the local community and aims to increase its visibility through this partnership. By investing in initiatives that benefit the community, Yanmar CE North America reinforces its commitment to serving its hometown.